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Bluegrass Music Links

Central Coast Bands

♦ Peter Feldmann and the Very Lonesome Boys
♦ Hay Dudes
♦ Little Black Train
♦ Stuart Mason - Little Black Train and Molly's Revenge

Music Camps

♦ Juilan Family Fiddle Camp
April - American "roots" music camp 
♦ CBA Summer Music Camp
June - This camp is for advanced-beginners & intermediate players 
♦ Redwood Music Camp
May - Camp Harmon,Boulder Creek, CA 
♦ California Coast Music Camp
April & July-Two weeks of classes workshops jams concerts dances & more 
♦ Walker Creek Music Camp
November - Traditional American music camp: largely bluegrass 
♦ Walker Creek Music Camp
April - Traditional American music camp: largely bluegrass 


♦ California Bluegrass Association
♦ SLO Folks - San Luis Obispo Folk Music Society
♦ Bluegrass Association of Southern California
♦ Southwest Bluegrass Association
♦ Northern California Bluegrass Society


♦ Bluegrass Lyrics
♦ Banjo Hangout
♦ streaming radio
♦ World Wide Bluegrass streaming radio